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Your name is not given by your parents! Trust in it. You got your name because of the consequences of the exploits finished by you in your last birth. If you have finished good things, then your name will have the potentiality to lead you to success in all of your undertakings. If you have finished incorrect things, then accordingly your name reflects awful vibrations which lead you into troubles. So recall, even though your title is given by your parents, they have granted that name to you by the gut feeling guided by your preceding exploits.

Once, a individual of around 30 years of age, travelled to me telling that he had a lot of troubles individual as well as financial, and liked my counselling. He was having a dull, sombre face, without lustre like a stone. When I saw him I estimated he was baring the burden of his preceding deeds hurled on to him by Saturn (Sani). I inquired him his title. He notified me it was: ‘Mandeswara Rao’. Here ‘manda’ comprises Saturn exactly. I inquired him if he was prepared to change his title. He told me that alprepared an astrologer has suggested him to change his name, and he had altered the title furthermore, but still there was no enhancement in his life. ‘What is your altered name?’ – I inquired him in eagerness. He notified me that it was ‘Ravi Kumar’. I was shocked at one time. Ravi Kumar means child of the planet Sun, is no one other than Saturn. Then I recognized that the person was completely under the clutches of Lord Saturn, and it was not so very simple to arrive out of the leverage of Lord Saturn.

So, it is very difficult for any person to choose a title topped up with entire affirmative vibrations. Now, as grownups, we may not be adept to change our name for good or awful. But think, if we can give a better title to our children, how pleasant it would be!

Consult Best numerologist in Delhi, right name for your child, because name is the shadow of your personality and it tells much more about you, so always choose a best name which suits you.

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