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Numerology meanings are based on an ancient technique to assess your strengths and your challenges in life, based on your name and your date of birth.

Snajay Sharma, Numerologist

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The ancient Chinese already used numerology meanings more than 5000 years ago, and the very first proof of a numerology grid was found on a tortoise shell. To assess your different characteristics, you can use different systems. The main two systems are the Western grid and the Eastern grid, whereby the numbers are placed in a different order.

The Western grid to assess numerology meanings is easy to explain. It consists of a 3×3 grid, where the numbers 1 to 9 are placed, each in their own cell. Number one is placed bottom left, number 2 middle left, number 3 top left, number 4 bottom middle, 5 middle middle, 6 top middle, 7 bottom right, 8 middle right, and 9 top right. Just like the numbers on a banking machine – a top-down mirror of how the numbers on a mobile phone look.

There are different meanings and calculations to be done based on your date of birth and your name. If you add up all the numbers of your date of birth as single digits, you get a single number. For example, if I am born on August 23, 1965, my number would be 8+2+3+1+9+6+5=34; 3+4=7. My numerology meanings-number would be a 7. (Exception: If you have 11 or 22 in your birth date: November stays 11, and the dates with 11 or 22 also stay the same.)

In terms of numerology meanings, this is our Life Path number.
Life path numbers each have their own significance, each number shows a dominant vibration, strengths and challenges in your life. If you have added up the numbers of your date of birth, we can now go and have a look at the numerology meanings of each life path number.

In this article I will explain the numerology meanings of the numbers 1 to 6, in the next article I will explain the numbers 7-22.

Life path number 1

Number ones are all about power and often become great leaders. If you have a life path number one you probably have plenty motivation, enthusiasm, creativity and inspiration. You are also physically healthier and mentally stronger than most people are. Your lust for success (especially material) is strong. Number ones who stray from their paths often end up in clingy, codependent relationships.

Life path number 2

Love, love, love… Oh, and did I say love? Your deepest soul urge is to find your soul mate. You’re sensitive and diplomatic, and you have the gift of bringing harmony to any situation. Socializing, talking, hanging out with friends, it’s all very important for you. If you isolate yourself, you’re prone to depressed feelings, becoming pessimistic and lethargic. Not good.

Life path number 3

You thrive when you’re on stage! Musician, writer, actor, dancer, public speaker,  politician, whatever it takes to be up there.
You need beauty around you, exciting trips and actions, eccentric and famous people. Don’t give up on your dreams and talents, because you’re going to try to  baffle the nagging voice of your true calling through drug abuse or promiscuity. Avoid that.

Life path number 4

Stability, that is what you’re about. You’re probably one of the pillars of your community. Hard working, practical and trustworthy, number fours are loyal individuals that make fantastic marriage and business partners. Self-sacrifice is not a good idea for you, as you tend to demand too much of yourself and others – and you may develop a reputation as a martyr or even a tyrant. Your extra-strong will and stubborn character will sometimes be viewed as egoistic greedy behaviour. You won’t understand why people think that way of you, because you’re only thinking of the best for everyone.

Life path number 5

Freedom. Lots and lots of freedom. Do I need to anymore? You’re highly inquisitive, for you hands-on experience is the best teacher in life. you’re deeply intelligent, philosophical and spiritually minded.  Great communicators, excellent social anthropologists, archaeologists, teachers, writers and historians.

Be careful: because you van be quite self-absorbed, you’re probably not very aware of the effect of your behaviour on other people. They will feel abused and tricked, and many broken relationships are the consequence.

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