Sanjay Sharma one of the best astrologer in Delhi , India


Sun Signs Astrology is the branch of horoscopic astrology that deals in studying the stars, the planets and their movements. Every planet and star changes its position casting some impact on individuals at the same time. Every star or planet has its own impact on the horoscope of a person. India is the ground where the seed of astrology was sown and astrology was first discovered, studied and developed. Astrology in India has been an important aspect for life planning since medieval times. Indian astrology is world renowned because its reputation it has built over the passage of time. This in turn, pulls more and more people from various cultures towards astrology consultant for their horoscope counselling.

Astrology compatibility has helped many relationships to grow deeper as people try and understand the need of an hour and adjust accordingly. Sun signs astrology helps us to understand our zodiac sign and…

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